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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

e9 Energy that fits your lifestyle

Wow, e9 a fantastic product.

Energy that fits your healthy lifestyle.


Synergy’s e9 energy formula combines the power of l-arginine with high-quality ingredients to provide you with the stamina required to meet life’s demands. Today, there are dozens of quick fixes for low energy, but with e9’s unique blend of vitamins and natural caffeine sources, you can trust that you are taking a product that supports your healthy lifestyle. No matter what time of day it is, if you are fighting to focus, stay alert and stay energized, mix up a serving of e9 and enjoy its refreshing, Pina Colada flavor.

Benefits and How it compares to other energy drinks.

Benefits of e9

  • Long-lasting, healthy energy through a unique, low-calorie formulation
  • Contributes to normal, energy-yielding metabolism
  • Plays a role in the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Contributes to normal psychological and mental function
  • Supports the body’s natural ability to produce energy
  • Great-tasting Pina Colada flavor
  • Sweetened with steviol glycosides that occur naturally in stevia leaves

But a woman we spoke with Sally McCleod Late July/early August a specialist in weight management and health.

She told us that in Europe, E9 was not advertised as an energy drink as it is in America but that it is used for other purposes. She told us that E9 is filled with B1 is Thiamin there is 146% in E9. B2 is Riboflavin, it has 121%. B3 is Niacin, B5 is Panthothenic acid, E9 has 100% B6, B12 has 300% in E9 and Vitamin C.

She also told us what each one of those does. I was so impressed with all the information, it became an eye-opener for me. We have discovered that E9 is used not only as energy but also as a mood enhancer and is great with depression and PTSD.

It has been shown to give focus to ADD and ADHD sufferers. It helps remove the foggy brain. Vitamin B's are something that many people are deficient in and the way E9 has been broken down to such a cellular level, it doesn't take long to feel the results.

If B's taken by pill, it could take 5 weeks to see results.

Some of the info is: B 5 is crucial to the body.  Without it your body couldn't produce hormones, the immune system would completely collapse, your body couldn't enable itself to use fats, carbs, or proteins and these are crucial to our diets.

B 6 is for healthy brain function, fights diseases, normal blood flow, normal nerve function, breaks down proteins and is often referred to as rocket fuel.

B12 deficiency is recognized by tingling hands and feet.

Elderly, Vegans, vegetarians and people with digestive disorders, Crohn's disease, IBS and Celiac disease are usually deficient in the B vitamins.

Also, Anemic, HIV, and people who drink a large amount of alcohol suffer too.

Vitamin C protects cells, maintains cells, collagen, tissues, organs, blood vessels, and skin.  It increases iron and we can absorb it. Fatigue and depression are helped.  Bones, wound healing, fatigue, and depression.

E9 is bioavailable in the body. It speeds up metabolism, repairs and works at a cellular level to function properly and all this with only 20 calories.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017


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Trulūm, the new premium skin care line from Synergy, is now available in North America for a limited time. As shown in the infographic above, the potential to build a business based on quality skin solutions is very high, especially when you can provide the quality, science and natural compounds Synergy guarantees.

To order Trulūm and see for yourself, simply call 1 (801) 769-7800 before this limited-time offer comes to an end!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Trulum to Launch as a Limited-Time Offer, Sep. 12 Our ID is 1872645

Don’t be the last to try Trulūm, Synergy’s new Elite Health skin care line. When Trulūm becomes available to purchase on September 12, the supplies will go quickly!

When you call Synergy Customer Service to order, you will have three pack options: the “Daily Basics Pack,” “Trulūm Pack,” or “Buy 4 Get 1 Free” pack. For the greatest value, purchase four of the Trulūm Packs and get a fifth for free!

To introduce this line to our Team Members and customers here in the North America, Synergy will include three additional Trulūm gifts with the first 250 packs purchased: A soft headband to comfortably hold your hair while applying Trulūm, a compact mirror, and a Trulūm cosmetic case, free with each complete pack purchased, to complement your skin care regimen.

Every Trulum Pack order also comes with a Trulūm Guide featuring science info, product details, and application instructions.

Here’s a complete look at the three options that will be available for purchase:

$225 | 150 CV
  • Cleansing Gel 
  • Hydrating Toner 
  • Moisturizer 
  • Eye Cream
  • Intrinsic Complex 
  • Brightening Serum 
  • Youth Serum 
  • Trulūm Guide 
  • Headband
  • Compact mirror
  • Cosmetic case* 

*Only the first 250 to buy the Trulūm pack will enjoy these gifts!

$899 | 600 CV
  • That's 5 complete Trulūm packs, including the gift sets, for the price of 4. Don't miss it!

$149 | 120 CV
  • Cleansing Gel 
  • Hydrating Toner 
  • Moisturizer 
  • Eye Cream

Be among the first in North America to experience Trulūm’s remarkable effects! You can get more information about the Trulūm premium skin care line by clicking here, and stay tuned to this blog as we reveal more product information and videos!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Our health today is threatened by our environment!

We live in a time of great change!

Our lives are threatened 
by our lifestyle and environment.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Stress a choice not an Event ...

We all have stress in our lives.

How we deal with stress is up to us.

We often look at stress - thinking it is an event or something that happens in our lives.  But we need to realize it is a choice for us to make.  How we view the trigger determines whether we feel stress or not.  What is stressful is different for each one of us.
What triggers you to feel stress?

"What causes you to stress out?
We each have unique triggers that cause stress but according to Dr. Sonia Lupien, the director of the Center for Studies on Human Stress, all stressors have something in common. Scientific research has shown that for a situation to be stressful it must contain one or more of the following characteristics:
N - novelty; something new
U - unpredictability; no way of knowing it could occur
T - threat to the ego; feeling your competence is questioned
S - sense of control; feeling you have little or no control in a situation

Don’t go N.U.T.S. with Stress!"

 See N.U.T.S. - Understanding Stress for the complete article.

Choose to see things differently.   We have 3 choices Mindful, Emotional , and Mindless.

Are we do things out of habit or rote?  This is choosing to be mindless.
Are our emotions leading?  This is being emotional.
Are we taking our time and consider things carefully?  This is being mindful.

When we are being mindful, "Stress becomes a choice".  We can choose ways to deal with it.

Breath, relax, then act.  Exercise is a good way to relieve stress.  Doing things is a great way to deal with the stressful things in our lives.  Doing nothing is a choice.  It may make things stressful.

Choose to live in the present and be "Mindful"

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Today is the day! Fortify, the proprietary, clinically-studied 90-day program that combines positive lifestyle changes with cutting-edge supplements, is now available for purchase.

The limited-time offering of Fortify is available to order by phone only and will not be available online. Simply call (801) 769-7800 to order your supply.

Each Fortify kit provides a 30-day supplement supply to be taken along with diet and exercise guidelines as outlined in the Fortify program guide. The complete Fortify program as proven by clinical study takes place over a period of 90 days. To encourage Synergy Team Members and customers to experience the full program, a FREE Purify Kit will be included with every 90-Day supply of Fortify purchased! In other words, when you buy 3 Fortify Kits in this LTO, you'll get one Purify Kit FREE! For more details, click here.

To prepare yourself to experience results and benefits similar to those enjoyed by clinical study participants, feel free to check out the Fortify program guide and product Facts Sheets by clicking the following links:

For more information about the successful, independently-reviewed Fortify clinical study, click here.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We are your sponsors.  Our Synergy ID is 1872645 please use this when you order by phone.