Thursday, March 1, 2018



Reduced fat mass. Reduced cholesterol. Reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Reduced triglycerides. These are the results experienced by those who put the Fortify supplements to the test in an independently reviewed clinical study.

Fortify is revolutionary. It is powerful. It is proven. And now, it is available to order throughout North America.

Fortify is a proprietary, clinically studied program that combines positive lifestyle changes with cutting-edge supplements. By supporting a healthy gut microbiome, the Fortify program offers a path to healthy metabolic function, healthy cardiovascular function, and healthy body composition (weight management) all in one organized, proven program.

The complete Fortify program, as followed by clinical study participants, follows a period of 90-days and encourages healthy lifestyle changes amplified by six powerful products. It is unlike any other program on the market. Adhering to the Fortify program as outlined in the Fortify Program Guide will be your most significant step toward unlocking your potential and achieving Elite Health.

Each Fortify Kit is a one-month supply and comes with a Fortify Program Guide and the following lineup of microbiome-focused, clinically-proven nutritional supplements:

  • Metabolic Shake: Blending heart-healthy phytosterols with high-quality, vegan pea protein isolate in a unique formula.
  • Metabolic LDL: A patented combination of powerful Bergamot extract and a proprietary antioxidant blend that supports healthy total cholesterol and triglyceride levels while modulating the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.
  • Biome Basics: Providing essential nutrients, herbs, chlorophyll, and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. It is the multivitamin developed to help fortify your microbiome with essential nutrition.
  • Biome Balance: Featuring Berberine, an Indian root extract that may support microbiome balance by combatting endotoxins that interfere with gut performance and glucose metabolism. Biome Balance also supports healthy insulin response and already healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels for healthy metabolic function.
  • Biome Actives: Combines prebiotics and probiotics to synergistically provide a favorable environment for beneficial gut bacteria.
  • Omega-3: Essential fatty acids that can only be obtained through diet or supplementation.
Three Fortify Kits comprise your full a 90-day supply. It's the complete Fortify program! And with this special, you'll be able to jump-start your Fortify program with Purify, Synergy's seven-day microbiome kit. For more information about Purify, click here.

  • Three Fortify Kits, 90-day supply: $799, 600CV, and the Purify Kit, a $179 value, comes FREE.
  • Single Fortify Kit, 30-day supply: $289 / 200CV

  • Fortify Program Guide: Learn how to combine your Fortify supplements with the right foods and exercise for maximum benefit.
  • Fortify Study Infographic: Want to see how incredible the results of the Fortify clinical trials truly were? Enjoy this illustrated study report. 
  • Purify Guide: For those getting a free Purify kit, learn how to jumps tart you microbiome-focused nutritional effort.


Monday, February 26, 2018

Now Available: Metabolic LDL and Cardio Protect!

Now Available: Metabolic LDL and Cardio Protect!

Support strong, healthy heart function with the Synergy’s Metabolic LDL, now available. This unique formula provides targeted nutrition designed to aid your body’s ability to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
The chief ingredient in Metabolic LDL is organically-grown, hand-harvested Bergamot orange extract is bursting with polyphenols which are naturally occurring antioxidants that scavenge free radicals from the body. This specific type of orange extract is the most clinically proven available.
The Bergamot extract combined with a proprietary blend of antioxidants are shown to help support healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The complete formula works, in part, by blocking an enzyme the liver needs to produce harmful LDL cholesterol. Indeed, it’s a combination that naturally supports healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels to create a truly synergistic effect.
Want to learn more about Metabolic LDL? Click here to view the fact sheet.
In order to help combat the burden that our hardest working muscle endures each day, we’ve combined the power of Metabolic LDL with two of Synergy’s most trusted and potent heart health products, ProArgi-9+ & Omega-3, to provide cardiovascular support and protection for our most vital organ.
  1. Metabolic LDL: This unique and powerful herbal formula helps modulate cholesterol oxidation and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.
  2. ProArgi-9+: Two boxes of Synergy’s flagship product delivering 5,000 mg of pure, pharmaceutical-grade free form l-arginine per serving. This amazing formula is widely used for the support of the circulatory and cardiovascular functions, as well as an array of additional benefits
  3. Omega-3: Providing essential fatty acids that can only be obtained through diet, Omega-3 supports cardiovascular function, brain health, and can even promote healthy circulatory function.
The human heart pumps around five quarts of blood each minute, and beats an average of over 100,000 times each day! Help protect each beat with the new Cardio Protect Kit featuring Metabolic LDL today!
Our hearts need proper care and attention to remain efficient and strong. Many cardio-conscious people wisely turn to physical exercise and aerobic activity to increase their cardiovascular strength. However, exercise alone can often fall short of a person’s needs. Proper supplementation of heart healthy nutrients like those contained in Metabolic LDL and the Cardio Protect kit, combined with careful, moderate exercise, is a great way to make sure your heart and body get the loving attention they need.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Metabolic LDL Clinically Proven Results

Metabolic LDL clinically proven.
Hello, We do not diagnos or treat any dieases or conditions but, If you or anyone you know are struggling with high LDL cholesterol, contact Me! This may be an option. We saw Friday night 23 February, the results of clinical trials, where this product increases good HDL cholesterol by 54% and lowered bad LDL cholesterol by 39 % the results are shocking and it is now available. Wow, take Proargi-9+ and this product you are headed in the right direction. Email me or see this URL...