Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Stress a choice not an Event ...

We all have stress in our lives.

How we deal with stress is up to us.

We often look at stress - thinking it is an event or something that happens in our lives.  But we need to realize it is a choice for us to make.  How we view the trigger determines whether we feel stress or not.  What is stressful is different for each one of us.
What triggers you to feel stress?

"What causes you to stress out?
We each have unique triggers that cause stress but according to Dr. Sonia Lupien, the director of the Center for Studies on Human Stress, all stressors have something in common. Scientific research has shown that for a situation to be stressful it must contain one or more of the following characteristics:
N - novelty; something new
U - unpredictability; no way of knowing it could occur
T - threat to the ego; feeling your competence is questioned
S - sense of control; feeling you have little or no control in a situation

Don’t go N.U.T.S. with Stress!"

 See N.U.T.S. - Understanding Stress for the complete article.

Choose to see things differently.   We have 3 choices Mindful, Emotional , and Mindless.

Are we do things out of habit or rote?  This is choosing to be mindless.
Are our emotions leading?  This is being emotional.
Are we taking our time and consider things carefully?  This is being mindful.

When we are being mindful, "Stress becomes a choice".  We can choose ways to deal with it.

Breath, relax, then act.  Exercise is a good way to relieve stress.  Doing things is a great way to deal with the stressful things in our lives.  Doing nothing is a choice.  It may make things stressful.

Choose to live in the present and be "Mindful"

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